SAP BI Recruitment Interview

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1. ______________ is the defacto standard in Enterprise reporting. It is an intuitive BI reporting solution that helps professional report designers create flexible, highly formatted, compelling reports, connected to virtually any data source. *

2. _______________ lets you extend the reach of BI to all information workers. It allows any business user to search and explore data to leverage the full power of business intelligence, no matter their technical skill level. *

3.______________ provides self-service access to data and information analysis. With just a few clicks, business users can build powerful queries and reports to answer their own business questions as they arise. *

4. _______________________ allows you to create interactive content for executives, managers, and other information workers to provide insight at a glance, with intuitive visualizations including graphs *

5. ______________________ is a self-service multidimensional analysis solution built specifically for Business Analysts. The easy-to-use web based application enables powerful and intuitive analysis of multidimensional data stored in SAP NetWeaver BusinessWarehouse and/or Microsoft Analysis Services environments. *

6. Which solutions allow you to share business intelligence content in popular Microsoft Office formats and on mobile devices? Select two. *